Ramstein Bazaar

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Are you a smaller Private Organization (PO) or Unauthorized Activity (UA) that would like to join the Ramstein Bazaar but can not commit the time or man power to being a Food Vendor for four days? 

This year, The Ramstein Bazaar is looking for an small organization to serve the Merchandise Vendor Lunch on Saturday, September 15, 2018.  You will be compensated.

Your organization would be responsible for preparation, service and breakdown lunch service for 350 people from 10 am to 5pm.  

The Ramstein Bazaar Food and Hospitality Chair will assist your organization in:

  • Planning the meal
  • Organizing the staffing needs (miniminum 8-10 people)
  • Bulk orders from commissary
  • Preperation of meal the day before 
  • Setup, service and breakdown mentoring

Your organization will be required to attend the Fire Safety Briefing in August. 

If you are interested please contact the Food and Hospitality Chair, Kat Hanley, at foodandhospitality@ramsteinbazaar.org


***If you apply as 2018 Food Vendor, you can not particpate for this opportunity***