Ramstein Bazaar

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Interested in submitting a request for your organization for funds raised at the Ramstein Bazaar?

  1. Please fill out the ROSC Welfare Request Form as completely as possible. Additional justification may be added to a blank second page. Document may be emailed or faxed after the highest authorities signature has been obtained.
  2. ROSC Welfare Board typically meets the last Wed. of every month (except June and December). The deadline for submission of requests is listed above.
  3. ROSC Governing Board typically meets the 1st Wed of Month so requests won’t be approved until this date. Checks should be cut within one week after this meeting if expenditure is approved.
  4. Some items that the ROSC considers in the request:
    • How will the money benefit the community?
    • What are the long-term benefits of this donation?
    • Has there been an effort to raise funds on their own?
    • How many people will benefit from this donation?
    • Will this donation represent the sole source for an organization’s operating budget?
    • Have funds been received from other organizations?
  5. The ROSC typically does not pay for costs associated with food, beverages, alcohol, childcare, or prizes/gift cards/donations.
  6. Requests from teachers must be signed by the Principal and a request for money from the corresponding PTA must have been made (state in request).
  7. Requests for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts must be signed by the Troop Leader.
  8. Please email Welfare@RamsteinOSC.org with additional questions and to receive a specific listing of request due dates. 

DISCLAIMER:  No federal endorsement of Ramstein Officers' Spouses Club intended.