What are the days and times of the Bazaar?
Thursday, September 13, 1000 – 2000
Friday, September 14, 1000 – 2000
Saturday, September 15, 1000 – 2000
Sunday, September 16, 1000 – 1700

Are strollers allowed?
Thursday and Friday are designated as Stroller Days. On these days, strollers will be allowed inside the shopping areas (Hangars and tent). On Saturday and Sunday, due to the increase in crowds, shoppers will not be allowed to bring strollers into the Hangars or tent. There will be designated stroller parking areas outside of the Hangar and tent doors. Strollers are allowed on the outdoor Bazaar Grounds (food court area) on all days.

Will there be nursing and/or diaper changing facilities on the grounds?
Yes! Within the Volunteer Tent there will be a kinder care area. Here you will find changing tables as well as a nursing area. 

When is the Red Carpet Shopping event and how can I be invited?
Red Carpet Shopping will be held on Wednesday, September 12, from approximately 1715 until 2000. It’s easy to be added to the invite list! Simply sign up for a shift or combination of shifts totaling 4 hours or sign up for one of the requested food/drink donations. 

Do you have a list of the vendors that will be participating in the Bazaar?
We are still finalizing our list of great vendors, but check back closer to the event. Information will be available under the Vendor tab.

What are the hours for the food court?
Food Court hours are identical to the Bazaar Shopping hours: 
Thursday through Saturday from 1000 – 2000
Sunday from 1000 - 1700

What types of payment are accepted?
US Dollars, checks, and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and American Express) are all accepted forms of payment for merchandise vendors

Food court vendors accept only US dollars.  There will be an ATM onsite but long lines can form – especially around lunch hours. Individuals coming to the Bazaar to enjoy lunch at the food court (great idea!) are encouraged to bring US cash with them as the food vendors do not accept any other form of payment.

Why do I have to sign a payment log when making a purchase?
The Ramstein Bazaar is a community fundraising event! A percentage of EVERY sale goes back to the Kaiserslautern Military Community. By signing the payment log, you are facilitating accurate tracking of all sales and ensuring the maximum amount of money is raised for the community!!

 Will there be an ATM onsite?
Yes, but to avoid lines, bring cash! 

This year we are only able to have one ATM onsite. Accordingly, long lines could form – especially around lunch hours. If you are coming to the Bazaar to enjoy lunch at the food court, you are encouraged to bring US cash as vendors in the food court do not accept any other form of payment.  

The on-site ATM will be located between Hangars 1 and 2. The closest off-site ATMs is located at the E-Club. Other ATMs are located within the KMCC, at the Commissary, and at the post office. 

How can my organization apply for the community funds earned during the bazaar?
All of the proceeds from the Bazaar go back to the Kaiserslautern Military Community! To learn more or to complete an online application requesting funding, please visit: http://ramsteinosc.org/welfare-requests.