Food Vendor FAQ


When is the application deadline?
To be considered for a food vendor slot, a complete application must be submitted online through the Ramstein Bazaar website from Thursday, May 16 at 6pm to Friday, May 17 at 6pm.  Hard copy applications will not be accepted. Spaces fill very quickly, we suggest being online May 16th at 6pm with your information ready.

Why can't I access the application from my .mil computer?
Per regulation AFI 34223 11.1.3 and DoDI 5500.7-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER)

Do I have to submit the application online through the Ramstein Bazaar website?
Yes! We will only be accepting the online application. Hard copies and emailed copies will not be accepted. We encourage all Ramstein Private Organizations and Unofficial Activites to apply on Thursday, May 16 at 6pm. 

What information do I need to fill out the online application?
The Food Vendor registration will be available online at Applications will be accepted from Thursday, May 16 at 6pm to Friday, May 17 at 6pm.  The food vendors will be chosen primarily on a first come, first served basis. 
You will need the following information to fill out the ONLINE application:

  • Organization Name to be used during the Bazaar

  • Two points of contact (POC).

  • Email and phone for both POC's (no .mil addresses or DSN's)

  • At minimum, 4 food choices in order of preference

Only Private Orgs and Unofficial Activities who have not already used their two quarterly fundraisers are eligible to apply; however, if you are behind with meeting minutes or financial reports you will not qualify for a food vendor slot. Please contact the 86th FSS Private Organization Office if you have any questions about your qualification status.

Are there other obligations besides attending the Bazaar?
Yes! Organizations that are chosen must participate in two mandatory briefings: Food Vendor Contract briefing on Monday, June 4th, 2018, and the Food, Fire, and Safety briefing in August. 

  • At the June (date TBD) mandatory Food Vendor Contract briefing you are required to submit a space fee payment of $200. This meeting will take place at the Ramstein Officer's Club.

  • You will need the space fee upon your arrival and we will not hold your spot waiting for someone to arrive with payment.

  • At the August (date TBD) mandatory Food, Fire, and Safety briefing, you are required to submit a $250 (refundable at the end of the bazaar) cleaning fee check.

  • Failure to attend either meeting will result in a forfeit of your organization's space.

  • Payments are accepted as cash or check. Checks are made payable to "86FSS".

What is a Merchandise Food Voucher?
Using data from the last few years, it has been determined that Food Vendors have 50% less in sales on Thursday than any other day of the bazaar.  
In an effort to increase food vendor sales (and profits) for Thursday, September, 12, 2018, the Ramstein Bazaar Committee is offering a Merchandise Vendor Voucher Program.  

  • It is the choice of the PO or UA to participate in the Merchandise Vendor Food Voucher Program.

  • Merchandise Vendors will be provided a Food Voucher valued at $5.00. There is no money amount printed on the voucher.

  • This voucher can only be used on Thursday, September 13, from 10am to 8pm.

  • No cash money will exchanged.

  • All vouchers will be collected by the Food Vendor Coordinator at 8pm on Thursday, September 12, 2018.

  • Each Food Vendor will be compensated by the end of the Bazaar based on the vouchers they accepted and returned to the Food Vendor Coordinator.


How much are the food vendor fees?
The space fee is $200.  It is due on June (date TBD), at the Contract Briefing. This is a refundable fee prior to August 1, 2019.  After August 1, this is non-refundable.  
The cleaning deposit fee is $250.  This is a refundable fee. 
Payments can be made by cash or check. All checks made payable to 86 FSS and must have your full PO name on the check.  Payment must be made promptly at the briefing(s).

Food Vendor Selection

When will I know if my PO/UA has been chosen?
This is contingent upon approval from the 86FSS and Public Health, which will be checking to make sure your organization is registered on Ramstein and is in good standing as well as approving your food selection.  You will receive official notification via email on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, with instructions on the mandatory Contract Briefing on June (TBD), 2019.  Time and place of the Contract Briefing will be TBD.

Why wasn't my PO/UA selected?
While we would love to accommodate all those who wish to participate, space is limited.  Applications are selected on a first come, first served basis with consideration given to the private organization standing with FSS, compliance with Bazaar food vendor regulations, and composition of vendors/food selections to support the overall objectives of the Bazaar. 

Can I be placed on the alternate list?
Once all spaces are filled, an alternate wait list is created with the remaining applicants. 


What are the Bazaar dates and hours?
12 Sep 2019- 15 Sep 2019

  • Thursday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • Friday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

What are the Food Vendor deadlines and briefing dates?

  • Application Live: May 16, 2019 at 6pm for 24 hours

  • Email Notification of Food Vendor Selection: May 27, 2019

  • Contract Briefing: June (TBD), 2019; 1pm at TBD

  • Space Deposit Required: June 3, 2019

  • Refundable Space Fee Deposit Cutoff: August 1, 2019

  • Fire Safety Briefing: August (TBD), 2019 9am-11am at TBD

  • Refundable Cleaning Fee Deposit: At Fire Safety Briefing


Where can I get appliances?
Food vendors are required to secure their own equipment, to include any and all appliances.  Bazaar Committee does not rent appliances, we can only provide suggestions on places you may be able to rent the appliances from. Please be sure to have an alternate plan in the event FMO does not authorize the use of their supply. 
Remember: 220V ONLY!
Per Fire and Safety regulations, there will be strict guidelines for hot oil equipment.

Where can I get a tent?
The Bazaar Committee does not have tents for rent. We suggest reserving your tent with Outdoor Rec as soon as possible. Your total authorized space size is 20x20. Please keep this in mind when reserving your tent.

Where can I get sandbags?
Food vendors are required to secure their own equipment. The Bazaar Committee will not have any sandbags or equipment to secure your tent. Ask those within your own organization (if you are using one of your own tents).  Ask Outdoor Rec if you are renting one of their tents. 
Please note, your tent must be secured prior to leaving it unattended for the evening.

Booth Location

Can I request a specific booth location?
Booth locations will be assigned by the Food Vendor Coordinators.  We will try to accommodate your needs; however, all decisions are final.