Hospitality Assistants

The Hospitality Assistants help provide meals, snacks, and drinks for the 10-11 days of the Bazaar. The Hospitality Assistants report directly to the Hospitality Chair before, during, and after Bazaar operations.

Hospitality Assistants are responsible for all duties delegated by the Hospitality Chair to achieve the overall Hospitality goals. The ideal candidates will be patient and able to delegate effectively, yet must be able to work under pressure and resolve conflict. It is critical that the Hospitality Assistants possess a positive attitude and maintain a positive work environment. The Hospitality Chair may select up to 2 Hospitality Assistants.

Estimated Time Commitment

ACTIVITIES BEGIN:  Late August (approximately 5 hours) attending committee meetings
SEPTEMBER PRE-BAZAAR:  Up to 24 hours the week prior to Bazaar (as needed) to assist in lounge (committee and vendor) set up
BAZAAR WEEK: Daily shift to be determined by Hospitality Chair (likely divided into morning & afternoon shifts)

If you are interested in volunteering as a Hospitality Assistant, please contact our Hospitality Director at