Ramstein Bazaar 2019
Food Vendor Rules and Regulations

Event Guidelines

1. The 2019 Ramstein Bazaar dates are September 12-15, 2019. Food Vendor booth set up is on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, from 0700 to 1600. A designated representative from your organization must be present the entire day (0700-1600) on the 11th. Safety and fire inspections will be conducted randomly throughout the day. Failure to have a representative at your booth is in violation of the rules and will result in disqualification.

2. The booth must be manned and operational on Thursday, September 12 no later than 1000. The Bazaar opens to the public at 1000 on Thursday, September 12 and food should be ready for immediate serving.  

3. Any Private Organization (PO) or Unofficial Activity (UA) that cancels after 1 August 2019 will forfeit the $200 participation fee.

4. Any PO/UA that cancels after September 1, 2019, or is a no-show, will automatically forfeit the $350 cleaning deposit along with the $200 participation fee. In addition, it will result in the loss of privileges to participate in any FSS special events up to one year from the date of infraction.

5. The booth must be operated by the PO/UA personnel or volunteers over the age of 16 and must remain operational the entire time the Bazaar is open. Volunteers working in the booth may not wear military uniform while volunteering on behalf of the PO. Food Booths must begin selling food on Thursday, September 12 at 1000.

6. Clean up is the responsibility of the PO/UA. Food booths must be cleaned daily. They must be be free of any food, debris, and grease/oil stains each night. Food booth inspections will be done nightly and failure to adequately clean will result in a write up. The first write up is a warning. The second write up can result in disqualification for future bazaars.

7.  Fire Prevention, Safety, Public Health, and FSS will begin inspections at the food booths at 0800 on Wednesday, 11 September. Your PO/UA representative is required to be in the booth and available at this time. POs are not allowed to begin food prep or cooking until you have received final approval from FSS. Public Health may discard any food prepped or cooked prior to inspection.

8.  Food Vendors must provide five (5) free meals "Food Coupons" to airmen E-3 and below. The Food Vendor Chair and Co-Chair will create the coupons and will coordinate when and how these meals will be distributed. The Food Coupons have no cash value.  

9. A copy of these rules and regulations will be posted in each booth.

10. POs will submit net and gross sales totals to the Bazaar Food Vendor Coordinator at the end of each day (these numbers are only used to report how much money is raised for the community).

11.  PO/UAs are not allowed to use any Government equipment for PO/UA business, to include computer, telephone, vehicle, etc.

Set Up/Tear down

1. A designated tear down Point of Contact (POC) will be identified at Food Vendor check in on September 11, 2019. This POC will be aware of the tear down procedures and is required to be present on Monday, 16 September at 1000 to receive the refundable cleaning deposit. Deposits will ONLY be returned to the designated tear down POC. Final clearance approval will be determined by Bazaar officials. Failure to obtain clearance by 1000 on Monday, 16 September will result in the forfeiture of the $350.00 cleaning deposit.

2. POs must provide their own materials. The Ramstein Bazaar Committee will not provide material support for your activity. Booths and stands must be neat, attractive, and safe.

3. NO STAKES OF ANY KIND WILL BE DRIVEN INTO THE RAMP. When setting up a tent it must be properly sand bagged or tied down. For tie downs, California Barriers or alternate sources must be used (none of this will be provided by the Bazaar).

4. Weather in September can be unpredictable. It can be cold, rainy, and extremely windy. Please consider this when deciding on booth construction. Tents might be subject to wind damage, as sand bags do not always secure the structure adequately. If weather is too dangerous, the flight line will be closed and set up, service, or tear down will stop.  This is not a decision made by the Ramstein Bazaar Committee, but is enforced by 86 FSS.

5. Structures, platforms, stages, stairs, and makeshift floors must be safe and in sound condition. Ensure that nails do not protrude from the woodwork. USING PALLETS FROM BAZAAR GROUNDS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

6. Electrical cords must be properly installed to avoid a tripping hazard. PLEASE NOTE: CE will only support 220v appliances. Use of 110v appliances is forbidden. Ensure that electrical outlets are properly installed and do not overload the circuit. Only prior approved electrical appliances specifically listed on the Electrical Request Form will be permitted in the tent. If you use an appliance not listed, your organization will be closed for business until you remove the article in question. CE representatives and Ramstein Bazaar Committee Members will conduct spot inspections.

7. POs that will be cooking are required to have at least one Class “K” 10-20 pound extinguisher in good standing. If using a German extinguisher, it will require a Class "F". The Ramstein Bazaar Committee will not provide fire extinguishers. If your booth exceeds three cooking devices, a second extinguisher is required. These items will be inspected. Use of government fire extinguishers is not authorized. A wet chem fire extinguisher will be necessary if you are using a turkey fryer device (in addition to the Class “K” fire extinguisher).

8. Each PO is responsible for providing trashbags, a small trash container, a broom, and a dustpan. Drip pans are required to be utilized for fryers and grills. Grease will be cleaned daily. A grease trap will be onsite to dispose of used grease. Do not pour hot grease in the grease trap - wait for it to cool.

9. POs are responsible for using the appropriate trash dumpsters and recycling dumpsters to dispose of waste. Dumpsters cannot be moved into the fire lanes.

10. POs are responsible for providing their own light.

11. Booth set up and removal directions must be observed. You must remove any materials you bring. Failure to adequately clean the booth and surrounding area to Bazaar standards will result in forfeiture of the $350.00 cleaning deposit and possible loss of privileges for any FSS Event for one year from date of infraction.

12. The tear down POC must check out with the Food Vendor Coordinator before the cleaning deposit is returned. CLEAN UP IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PO AND THE BOOTHS MUST BE FREE OF DEBRIS AND SWEPT CLEAN DAILY.

13. In addition to a copy of these Rules and Regulations the following items will be posted in the Food Vendor Booths:

 a) Food Handlers Certificates

 b) Name and contact information for each POs primary POC

 c) Name and contact information for the POC in charge of each SHIFT

 d) After hours EMERGENCY CONTACT information

Health and Safety

1. POs must comply with food handling/sanitation requirements provided by Environmental Health Officials and safety requirements provided by the safety officials. Failure to meet the requirements may cause on-the-spot closure.

2. Report any mishaps as soon as possible to the Food Vendor Coordinator. Information required: name of the individuals involved, date, time, location, and type of mishap or injury.

3. Persons having grill, open pit flames, etc., must have some means to put their fires out (see paragraph 6 above under Set Up/Tear Down*). A specifically marked container for ashes will be provided. Keep small containers for ashes at your booths, as the large container will be available only prior to opening and after closing times. Do not put unused charcoal in the trash containers; it must be taken with you.

4. POs must properly dispose of oil and grease. Grease trap receptacles will be provided and must be used by the booths with grease waste: i.e., funnel cakes, elephant ears, and french fries. Also use the grease traps during the cleaning of grill equipment. Do not pour grease water into the sinks. Skim the grease off of the water first.

5. All POs are responsible for the safety and aactions of their volunteers and family members. Children under 16 years old will not be allowed in the booth. All fire and driving lanes should be kept clear of children playing. After dark, it is hard to see children in the lanes. A second warning to remove children from a tent will result in forfeiture of the POCs remaining time and future attendance at the Bazaar.

6.  Food Vendors are prohibited from using bathroom supplies to include soap, toilet paper, and paper towels for food vendor washing of supplies. Failure to follow this rule may result in a food vendor being shut down. Food vendors may not use the hand washing sinks for any food preparation or cleaning purposes.


Driving and Parking

1. Flight line driving hours and rules must be observed. Again, children must stay out of this driving lane.

2. There will be no vehicles of any kind in the food vendor area during Bazaar hours. You may park your car behind your tent before the Bazaar opens only for restocking (not in the driving lane). Restocking hours are from 0730-0900. All vehicles must be removed BEFORE the Bazaar opens. Restock before Bazaar hours. If you must move a vehicle, ensure that all safety standards, such as cargo and speed limits, are met.

3. Vehicles found parked behind the food vendor area after restocking hours or in the driving lane are subject to towing by Security Forces, and your organization could be closed down.


1. Commercial (for profit) food service providers are prohibited from operating on base unless under contract with Services or AAFES. Therefore, POs may not sub-contract with commercial food service providers to operate the food booth. This does not preclude POs from renting equipment and/or purchasing supplies from commercial food service providers. However, the POs may not acknowledge any commercial sponsorship or advertise on behalf of any commercial enterprise during the Bazaar.

2. POs must limit their resale activity to food items listed on their contract. All Vendors will be allowed to sell soda, boxed juice, and water for a fixed price of $1.00 each. You may not sell below this price.

3. With the exception of coffee and tea served as beverages, rationed items will not be sold.

4. Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beer and wine will be sold O N L Y by the Force Support Squadron Club Staff.

5. No items will be sold in glass containers. The selling of items in cans and plastic bottles will be allowed.

6. Uniforms are not authorized while working in food booths. All personnel must wear civilian clothes.

7. Use of Military vehicles is strictly prohibited during the entire period of the Bazaar.

Updated May 2019