Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer Guidelines

For Set-up Volunteers (05 Sept through 10 Sept)

For Bazaar Volunteers (11 Sept through 15 Sept)

For Food Donations

Is there a dress code for volunteers?
For safety purposes, all volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes. Other than that, there is no specific dress code requirement. You will probably notice that most of the bazaar crew are wearing a red shirt- feel free to show you support by also wearing red. Volunteers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and to bring a sweater/sweatshirt if the weather warrants it. Hangars can get chilly in the early mornings and evenings.

Where do I check in for my shift?
The volunteer check-in area will be located in the large tent in the center of the Bazaar grounds. The entrance for the volunteer check-in table will be on the side of the tent that faces the entrance to the Hangars and will be marked with “Volunteer” signs. Please be sure to check-in so you will know where you will be of assistance and so that we can log the volunteer hours.

Please note: Individuals volunteering during Bazaar Set-up (Friday, September 7 through Tuesday, September 11) will have an alternate check-in location at the “Fly Trap.” The “Fly Trap” is the heritage lounge for the 37th Airlift Squadron (AS) that is utilized as the Bazaar Committee Control Center during Bazaar Operations. The “Fly Trap” is located on the side of Hangar 1 (Building 2210), facing the 37th AS offices.

When do I check-in for my shift?
Volunteers are asked to arrive at the volunteer check-in area 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift. 

Will I get a break during my shift?
Shifts generally do not exceed 4 hours. Accordingly, there are no scheduled breaks during the shifts. Workers are encouraged to eat prior to beginning their shifts and to bring a drink/water bottle.

Is childcare provided for volunteers?
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare for volunteers. 

Can I bring a guest to the Red Carpet shopping event?
Invitation to the Red Carpet Shopping is specific to the volunteer; however, the volunteer may bring his/her spouse – especially if it will result in greater purchases! Other guests are not allowed but don’t worry — there are still lots of volunteer opportunities available, so they can earn their own invitation!

What time is the Red Carpet Shopping event?
Red Carpet Shopping will begin at approximately 1715 on Wednesday, September 11, immediately following the ribbon-cutting ceremony and will last until 2000. This is a great opportunity to scout out all the great vendors and merchandise before the general public.

Can I get a certificate documenting my volunteer hours for my shifts and/or donations?
Absolutely! If you need a certificate documenting your volunteer hours, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at staffing@ramsteinbazaar.org or stop by the Volunteer tent after your Bazaar shift.

What if I need to make a change to my scheduled shift and/or cancel a shift?
Please utilize the online sign-up system to make any necessary changes to your scheduled volunteer shifts. In addition, if you are making a change to a shift within 24 hours of the start time please also send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator at staffing@ramsteinbazaar.org.

 Where do I park for my volunteer shift?
Please park in the public parking area; there is no designated parking for volunteers. There will be signs throughout Ramstein AB directing you to the Bazaar grounds and then to the parking area. You will park in the same area as those coming to the Bazaar to shop.

Do I have to be a member of the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses’ Club to volunteer?
No! Any DoD ID card holder over the age of 16 can volunteer at the Ramstein Bazaar. There are, however, a few specific positions that do have additional qualifications. Please check the position descriptions on the signup.com website for more information. 

Can groups volunteer?
Absolutely! Volunteering together can be a great team building event. If your group is interested in volunteering together at the Ramstein Bazaar please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at staffing@ramsteinbazaar.org. Please note, all on-site volunteers must be 16 or older. 

Do you have volunteer opportunities for Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/other individuals under the age of 16?
There may be some limited off-site volunteer opportunities available for groups (and individuals) that do not meet the 16-year-old minimum age requirement. If interested, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at staffing@ramsteinbazaar.org. In addition, there is no age requirement for making fruit or baked goods donations.