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Volunteer to help make the 2019 Bazaar a success!

General Volunteers

It takes a whole community to have a successful Bazaar and the General Volunteers provide the Bazaar Committee thousands of hours of support during the Bazaar itself. They are not involved in any advance planning or training. Onsite volunteers sign up for individual shifts (generally 4 hours) and can help with many things from counting receipts to food prep to hangar setup. Any member of the KMC aged 16 or older with a valid DoD ID card can sign up to be an Onsite Volunteer. If you're under 16, or if you don't have time during the weekend of the Bazaar itself but still want to help, you can donate baked goods or fresh fruit. Check out the food donation volunteer opportunities.

Please consider helping support the Ramstein Bazaar this year -

Team Members

Team Members are volunteers that commit to provide a minimum of 40 hours in support of the Ramstein Bazaar. Team Members provide valuable support during the Bazaar (often to include set up or tear down days). In addition, depending on the position, some Team Members will be involved in training activities beginning in August.  

The Bazaar Committee is currently recruiting for the following Team Member positions:
Hospitality Assistants