Ramstein Bazaar

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Let's go Shopping Around the World at the 53rd Ramstein Bazaar!



The 2017 Ramstein Bazaar will be

14 to 17 September!

Located on the Ramstein Air Base flight line in Hangars 1 & 2 and the Giant Tent


Thursday, Sept. 14th - 1000-2000  (Stroller Day)

Friday, Sept.15th - 1000-2000 (Stroller Day)

Saturday, Sept. 16th - 1000-2000

Sunday, Sept. 17th - 1000-1700 


No pets are allowed on the flight line or on the bazaar grounds.
Who Can Shop?
U.S. or NATO Forces ID card holders (under the SOFA agreement) are allowed to shop.  
Methods of Payment?
US Dollars, Checks, Visa and Mastercard (no Euros)
There will be two (2) ATMs onsite for your convenience.


If you think your organization could be positively impacted by the funds raised by the Bazaar, head over to www.RamsteinOSC.org and click the "Welfare Requests" tab for the most up-to-date information. 

2016 Numbers are as follows: 

$1.95 Million in Gross Sales

24K Visitors

7,500 Cars Parked

Over 11,000 Volunteer Hours

Net Proceeds from this years bazaar will be given back 100% through

the ROSC Welfare Fund to the KMC Community.





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