Assistant Finance Managers 

Assistant Finance Managers will work in shifts during Bazaar operations. Assistant Finance Managers facilitate communication between vendors and finance, assist with disbursement of credit card slips and sale sheets, and train finance volunteers. Assistant Finance Managers must commit to shifts each day of the Bazaar and must also volunteer as needed during Bazaar setup week (at least 40 hours total) in order to receive full recognition as a Team Member. Each Assistant Finance Manager will report directly to their Finance Manager. Assistant Finance Managers MUST be ROSC members, 86th FSS Employees, and/or Local Bank Employees.

Estimated Time Commitment

ACTIVITIES BEGIN: Late August (approximately 5 hours) attending committee meetings
SEPTEMBER PRE-BAZAAR: Up to 16 hours the week prior to Bazaar (as needed) to include mandatory hangar walk-through
BAZAAR WEEK: Daily shift from either 0800-1200 or 1800-2200