Ramstein Bazaar Gives Back

Here are just a few examples of how money raised at the Bazaar has gone back to the Kaiserslautern Military Community!


2017 Scholarships

The 2016 Ramstein Bazaar raised over $277,000 and the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club (ROSC) was proud to award $80,000 of this amount in scholarships. Together with Ramstein Enlisted Spouses Association (RESA) and the Kaiserslautern-Landstuhl Spouses Association (KLSA), 108 scholarships were awarded to local students and spouses to further their educational goals. Recipients included 18 spouses, 19 current university students, and 71 graduating high school students. The scholarships ranged in value from $250 to $4,000.

Boy Scouts Camp at Normandy

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, and Girl Scouts all benefit from money raised through the Ramstein Bazaar. In 2017, the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club was especially excited to help over 100 Boy Scouts from the KMC area participate in the Omaha Beach Camporee in Normandy France.

This event commemorated the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. Scouts learned about the sacrifices made by those who fought and died for freedom on June 6, 1944. Scouts from around the world joined together at the landing beaches of Normandy, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to watch live reenactments and WWII gear displays. The scouts camped at Omaha Beach and participated in a number of ceremonies, including, Arrow of Light, Webelos cross-over, Wood Badge, and Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremonies

Boy Scout Troop #232 was one of the troops that were able to attend this event.  Troop Leader, Corey Carnes said,  "Due to the generous support of ROSC several scouts were able to make a trip to Normandy France.  This trip allowed for young men to take in the enormous historical impacts of brave allied forces.   These scouts slept on Omaha beach.  They will treasure this for the rest of their lives.  Thank you ROSC! "

Scholastic News in Your Schools

Does your Ramstein Intermediate School student bring home the Scholastic News? If so, this is the direct result of shoppers like YOU supporting the Bazaar. Scholastic News is a great resource for teachers and a fun learning tool for the students. Every issue brings age-appropriate news and activities into the classroom. 


The classroom instructional packets purchased with proceeds from the 2016 Bazaar included not only every issue in print and on-line but also lesson plans based on rigorous academic standards, engaging videos, a digital archive of past issues, and even access to an iPad app.  With the Scholastic News subscription students were able to take learning from the classroom home – and most of the time didn’t even think of it as learning!

Thanks to money raised during the 2016 Bazaar, the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club was once again able to provide the Scholastic News to 900 students!

Boot Camp For New Dads

Are you a new Dad, not quite sure what to do or how to do it?  Don’t worry – a Boot Camp for New Dads® is on the way to Ramstein!  Boot Camp for New Dads® is a national program focused on equipping new dads with the knowledge and skills they need to transition into the role of fatherhood, foster positive behaviors and become more engaged with their infants.
Boot Camp for New Dads® is a Family Advocacy Program initiative.  Accordingly to Maj. Raheem Lay Director of the Family Advocacy Program “The Boot Camp for New Dads is a program designed to inspire fathers of all races, cultures and creeds to become confidently engaged with their children, support their spouses and personally navigate their transformation into becoming fathers…We are motivated to give the expectant dads within our military community a strong foundation to become great dads. Boot Camp will provide dads support during this important change in their lives.”
Thanks to shoppers like you, the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club was able to purchase the licensing fee necessary to help the Family Advocacy Program bring this training to the Kaiserslautern Military Community!  The one-time licensing fee allows for unlimited training at Ramstein Air Base ensuring that new Dads for years to come will have access to this great resource.

Dogs on Deployment


Every year, a portion of the money raised during the Ramstein Bazaar goes to national organizations that support the local community. In 2017, one such recipient was Dogs on Deployment. 

Dogs on Deployment is a national non-profit that that works both to find foster homes for pets during deployments and provide financial assistance (Pet Chits) for military pet owners during times of emergency. Dogs On Deployment also promotes responsible, life-long pet ownership in the military community. 
A recent Dogs on Deployment blog highlighted one great story with a direct KMC connection:

Alexander Thornborrow, E-4, US Army, received orders to PCS to Germany, and with his wife, Kelly, planned to bring their rescue dog, Stella with them.  Alex previously said, “Stella has been through a lot, and is a huge member of our family. But my wife’s student loans and other expenses made the cost of shipping our dog a hardship.” The Thornborrow family applied for financial assistance and were granted a Pet Chit. 

Rheinland Pfalz Special Olympics

The Kaiserlautern Area Special Olympics hosted the Winter Games in December 2016 on Vogelweh Air Force Base. Approximately 85-100 Special Olympic athletes from the KMC community and four German schools participated. This was a true community event and helped bridge  cultures and languages. Each athlete was able to receive a participation medal and a large "Winners Trophy" was bought to be used for many years to come. The look of pride and accomplishment on the Special Olympians makes all the work by the many volunteers behind the scenes  worth it! ROSC was happy to help purchase small participation medals for all the KMC Special Olympians to  help remember this wonderful day! 

Ramstein Lady Rams Softball Club


 Who wouldn't like to be part of a Softball team that travels around Europe? It can get expensive to purchase equipment and uniforms on top of travel expenses! Funds earn through the 2016 Ramstein Bazaar were able to help pay for uniforms and travel fees for 11 tournaments during the 2017 softball season. 

The Lady Rams Softball team was able to play games in places like Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.  And they looked professional in their new uniforms!