Vendor FAQ

Welcome to the 55th Annual Ramstein Bazaar- we are incredibly excited about our vendors this year! For more information and details about the event, we have provided the following FAQs. If you still have additional questions please contact the Vendor Coordinator at


Am I permitted to drink and drive on base?
NO!  You are not allowed to have any open containers of alcohol (bottle, can, cup) in your vehicle while on base.

What if I have open bottles of wine in my truck when leaving or entering the base?
All alcohol containers must be sealed upon entrance and departure from Ramstein. If you have bottles of alcohol that are open upon Bazaar check out, you cannot take them with you in your vehicle through the gate.


What if I have an installation pass – do I still have to bring my inventory through the LVIS gate for check-in?
Yes. All vendor inventory must go through the LVIS gate.

What if my employees are unable to come with me during vendor check-in? How do they get checked in?
Specific permission must be granted by Security Forces (Base Police) to check in an employee at a later time. Please contact We will be able to provide their access badge; however, they must enter through the LVIS gate. Please see the hours below. LVIS gate hours will be:

Tue:  0730-1800 hours
Wed:  0730-1800 hours
Thur:  0730-1800 hours
Fri:  0730-1800 hours
Sat:  0700-1200 hours
Sun:  0700-1200 hours

Where is Vendor Check-In?
Vendor Check-In is located at the LVIS gate.  You will receive a map to the Bazaar grounds when you have completed your vendor documents at the LVIS gate.

Why can't I just check in when it works with my schedule?
Vendors must be checked in during their scheduled appointment to ensure that there are sufficient security personnel available. If you do not arrive during your scheduled time slot, you may have to wait until the following day to access the base. This causes problems for you, your booth, the bazaar team, the security officers, and possibly other vendors.

What if I'm not getting there until Wednesday? Can I check in on a specific day?
You may request a specific date when you return your vendor documents and payment. We will do our best to honor your request. But please remember this is based on when your contract and payment are received, as well as the coordination of over 350 vendor employees and merchandise verification through the LVIS gate.

What is LVIS?
LVIS is the base entrance that all vendors must use to check-in to the Bazaar. Once you have completed check-in you will be given a map to the Bazaar grounds. Vendors must use the LVIS gate to check-in and for entry onto the base but may use the West or East gate to Exit.

Where should I send my payment and required paperwork?
Please submit all payments and required paperwork to the following address:

Ramstein Bazaar Vendor Coordinators
86th FSS/SPTS Unit 3240
Bldg. 412 Box 57
66877 Flugplatz Ramstein, Germany

Do I need a Work/Residence Permit or Freedom of Movement Certificate?
If you are not an EU Citizen, YES a copy of your WORK/RESIDENCE PERMIT OR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT CERTIFICATE must be provided and must be present during the entire bazaar for all employees that are non-EU citizens.
If you are an EU Citizen, a copy of your PASSPORT OR USAREUR/USAFE INSTALLATION PASS (KMC (Air Force), Ramstein Air Base or USAREUR-Wide Access) OR DOD ID will be required.

What happens if my passport, ID, or other documents are about to expire?
VERIFY THAT NO DOCUMENTS (PASSPORTS, ID CARDS, WORK/RESIDENCE PERMIT, INSURANCE) EXPIRE PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 17, 2018. THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NOTE: You must turn in all required documents each year. We cannot use the documents collected from last year’s Bazaar!

Getting Here

I am taking the train. Where is the nearest train station and how do I get to the base from there?
Vendors that are arriving by train should consider any of these train stations:

  • Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof – This is the largest train station in the area. A taxi ride from this station is approximately 20 min; however, you may not have to make as many transfers. You can rent a car at this location.

  • Landstuhl Hauptbahnhof – A closer station; however, there are no rental car facilities in the station.

  • Ramstein Hauptbahnhof – This is the very closest station to base; however, there are no rental car facilities here. A taxi ride to the check-in gate will be 5 min. Please remember that you will need transportation from check-in to the hangers in order to setup your booth.

Can I arrive in a taxi?
Yes, of course.  Please remember that you will need transportation from check-in (LVIS gate) to the Bazaar grounds in order to setup your booth.  The bazaar does not provide any transportation on or off base.


What gate do I go through for restocking during the Bazaar? Will the LVIS gate be open to do so?
Vendors always use the LVIS gate to enter the base but may use the West or East gate to Exit. LVIS gate hours will be:

Tue:  0730-1800 hours
Wed:  0730-1800 hours
Thur:  0730-1800 hours
Fri:  0730-1800 hours
Sat:  0700-1200 hours
Sun:  0700-1200 hours

Once I unload/restock, where can I park my vehicle?
Vendors may park their vehicles in designated parking spaces. Upon Vendor check in we will provide parking passes and directions to the parking area.

What happens if I leave my vehicle on the flight line overnight?
Any vehicles left on the flight line will be towed at the owners expense. All vehicles must be off the flight line each night after the Bazaar closes.

We are bringing two vehicles. Once I am stocked up, can I leave one on base and just use the other to go to and from the base? If yes, do I have to use the LVIS gate?
You will receive parking passes for each vehicle you have. It is up to you how you choose to use your vehicles. You will be given a pass for overnight parking if needed. When leaving the base in the evening you exit through the Main West Gate. The LVIS gate will be closed at that time.

Why can't I unload my truck for 8 hours?
Trucks may be only unloaded during your scheduled time period. We will be attempting to schedule unloading time based on your products and how many spaces you are renting. With over 140 vendors, it is important for cars to move in and out of the loading area so that all vendors can unload their products in time to setup their booth.

Where do we park our vehicles overnight?
Upon check in you will be given an overnight parking pass for your vehicle. There will be an overnight parking area but all vehicles need to have a pass displayed or it might be towed.

Can I bring a knife with me to open boxes?
Per the 86th Security Forces Squadron, no personal weapons are allowed to be brought onto the installation (examples: knives, guns, etc.).  EXCEPTION: Box cutters will be authorized for opening boxes, etc.

How do I calculate my electrical needs?
To calculate your electrical needs, please complete Electrical Needs Worksheet (in your Vendor Invitation packet).  You will need to provide the total number lights/lamps you are bringing, and the number of Watts of each light bulb.  You will also need to provide the TOTAL number of Amps needed for all your other electrical items (refrigerators, water pots, wood-burning tools, soldering irons, etc.).  Amps can be found on the back or bottom of each electrical item.

Has the Bazaar ever been cancelled?
The Bazaar was cancelled in 2001 due to the events of 11 September. 

At the Bazaar

Will lunch/dinner/snacks be provided during Vendor check-in?
During Vendor check in we do not provide any meals or snacks.

Is dinner ever provided?
Dinner is not provided in the vendor lounge. Please make your own plans for dinner every evening. 

Where can I find breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day?
Lunch and snacks are available Thursday – Sunday in each of the vendor lounges located in both hangars. Please feel free to visit throughout the day to take a break. Breakfast is on your own. Some of our food vendors will have morning food and drink items.

Floor Plan

Can I choose the location for my booth?
The Bazaar team makes every effort to create the most optimal layout of vendors to encourage customers to visit and see all booths. We try to honor specific requests for location; however, this is not always possible as vendors change from year to year and we try to spread out different kinds of vendors among all of the Bazaar locations.

How do you determine how many spaces we are awarded?
Spaces are awarded in part by past performance. Just like any business, decisions must be made to commit floor space to products and vendors that bring in more money during the 4 days of the bazaar while still offering our customers a wide variety of products and price ranges. 

How big is a booth space?
Each booth space comes with one table and two benches gratis. Here are the dimensions:
Tables: approx 2m long and 70cm wide
Benches: approx 2m long and 30 cm wide
Please see your information packet if you need to rent more tables and benches.

How high can I build my display? Can I bring a tent?
Vendor booths should be no higher than 2 meters. Some vendors bring a tent canopy to setup in their space. This is fine as long as it does not exceed the maximum height and stays within your rented spaces.

Where are the restrooms?
Restrooms are located next to both hangars for the vendors and volunteers to use.  


How long does vendor check-out take?
After all sales are completed on Sunday, every vendor is required to check-out. After you have packed up all your merchandise and cleaned your booth, you will be approved to check-out. We are working very hard to make this process fast; however, with over 140 vendors, this process may take several hours for everyone to complete. Last year we were able to greatly reduce the time spent during the check out phase, as a benchmark, our first vendor checked out about an hour after the Bazaar closed to the public and the last vendor checked out by 2130.

What if I have to catch a ferry, train or flight? Can I check out before the other vendors?
After you have packed up all of your inventory, returned it to your vehicle, cleaned your booth the bazaar team will then approve you to go to the check-out area. All Vendors must check-out prior to leaving Bazaar grounds. Please make your travel arrangements for Monday to ensure that are you able to complete check out and meet your travel commitments.