Finance Manager


Assistant Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is responsible for managing the process of tracking all vendor sales in one facility and interfacing with the Finance Team. There will be six Managers. The Finance Managers report directly to the Finance Director before, during, and after Bazaar operations. The Finance Managers will work very closely with the Finance Director and the Assistant Finance Director during the summer to test out the database sales tracking system and refine the collection and payment processes.

The ideal candidate will have people-management skills and an acute eye for detail. Additionally, he/she will be able to provide testing and training of the process in conjunction with the Assistant Finance Director. At the Bazaar, the Finance Manager will be expected to generate accurate reports for Vendors in a timely manner and will have to resolve conflict between different parties.

Each of the 6 Finance Managers will work either an AM or PM shift. One AM Finance Manager & one PM Finance Manager together form a Kiosk team. The Kiosk team is responsible for setting up, running, and tearing down the assigned kiosk for the Bazaar. Each Finance Manager will also assist with one or more of the following:

Supply Manager: Ensures adequate inventory of finance supplies needed on bazaar grounds, manages finance move in/out, and set up on bazaar grounds

Vendor Relations: Works to achieve 100% collection of all vendor fees prior to bazaar and ensure that vendor information is delivered to FSS

Finance TEAM members will work, in shifts during Bazaar operations. Finance TEAM members facilitate communication between vendors and finance, assist with disbursement of credit card slips and sale sheets, and train finance volunteers.

Finance TEAM members must commit to shifts each day of the Bazaar as well as volunteer as needed during Bazaar setup week (at least 40 hours total) in order to receive full recognition as a TEAM member. Each Finance TEAM member will report directly to their Finance Manager.

Finance TEAM members MUST be ROSC members, 86th FSS Employees, and/or Local Bank Employees.